Hiatus Notice

-Sorry for the short notice. Due to a lot of personal matters I’m going to have to go on hiatus until next week (or longer). I’ll have a few things to post when I return, or will at least have made progress on the website. I hope everyone has a nice week-

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[[See, I had the motivation to actually draw and finish something, but then I lost it so here, have some line art of two fluffies in an easter basket.]]



[[Don’t let me play with ideas I end up with things I like

[[His name would be Taren because it’s one letter for Tarel and can still be misspelled as “Tarn”. 

-I didn’t know I needed this until now-


Ming and Sowka from an erigam.com rp chat I go to that revolves around the world of one of my friend’s in progress novel found here

-Everyone. EVERYONE. needs to see this glorious WIP-

-Hey everyone! Sorry for being so inactive over the past few days! I’ve been busy working on the website (and of course everyday nonsense), so here’s an updated map for you all, plus a newer version of the Fen and Akne translations that I had up~

There’s still quite a few details I need to work out in the back-end code (breaking widgets and fixing the hyperlink color for example), but I’ve gone ahead and added pages for everything I plan on adding eventually. I’ll keep posting updates as I go, though, so nobody misses anything!

I hope everyone’s having an awesome holiday! Or just an awesome day overall-

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anonymous asked textsfromdistantitinerant: Farrian rants to someone else that the blue-headed Taraxians are sexier than the others for some odd reason

Farrian has his goals set.

-He has yet to hit on Nyx, at least-


[[I was babysitting and toying with the idea of Tarel finding babies that are actually siblings and doodled.

-This is so accurate to all of their characters and adorable A+-


Hayai made a grave mistake when attempting to interact with a strange, purple cannibal child.

-So my bro made a new DI blog and it’s amazing ok-

Kaz: I guess I’ll stare at something else then.


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