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Kero is so fuckin adorbs okay


-Thank you for giving me the strength to finish my dumb homework you’re the best Jae~


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Anonymous asked: headcanon when arcanid pups dry after being born they are as fluffy and round as cotton candy, this is because the fur they're born with is as long as their fur will ever get, and it only gets shorter and shorter as they age
minenintedolp asked: can i ask, where did the idea of dreamy come from?


All of my main muses have always embodied some portion of my personality because I really like having characters that I can relate to.

HS embodies my anxiety and general dysphoria with my body (as im uncomfortable with mine, he’s really uncomfortable with being a troll.)

Later on I started wanting a muse that was able to be more of a goal for me— but I still wanted them to be relatable.

So as a base for Andromeda, I chose my fascination with dreams which started way back when I was about 8 years old. That’s when I started having more interesting dreams— mostly my clairvoyant ones, which have proven somewhat useful in the off chance that i remember them when the time comes, which could take months or years.

And since Fandomstuck has been really important to me for about two years now, I just decided to hell with it and made Dreamy.

I needed somebody confident and calm when I created hir, as my anxiety had been hitting some pretty bad heights in this passed year, and my self confidence had been at a near all time low at the time.

Xe was made to be a role model for myself, someone to help me be happy with who I am, and someone to help me stand up for myself. 

So with that, I made this cute little dork of indeterminate sex who is nonbinary and generally feminine, and who could kick somebody’s ass without having to look like xe could. Xe doesn’t take shit from anyone most of the time, and with hir extensive lifespan, xe’s wise as fuck.

Roleplaying Dreamy helps keep my anxiety down and my mood up. Xe’s hardly stressful if at all, and hir general calm and joyful demeanor is contagious. 

But honestly, my favorite thing about hir is how not only does xe make me happy, but xe makes people who I don’t even know happy. I’ve gotten multiple messages from people who look over at the blog I RP hir on to cheer themselves up, and… I don’t know. That just makes me feel important, like I’ve really contributed to the world, even if it’s only to just a few people. 

The fact that xe makes so many other people happy just… It makes me cry, but like, in a good way. I’m so glad that I made hir. Xe’s my favorite OC out of the extensive amount of characters I’ve made in the past, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving hir.

Anonymous asked: richer archain treat arcanids like wine, some even gathering them up, chopping off Ann arm to sample the fast, and forcing the best tasting to breed together


holy hyll.

-this one … was actually already canon-


-I’m just about finished with my second project for my “Creativity and Visual Thinking” class (the first was that giant paper mache sphere) and I’m actually incredibly happy with how this turned out (Pardon my weird arm angle I wanted to be sure the needle was visible)-

-The project was to create a vessel that represents yourself, so I ended up making a giant syringe out of a few things I bought and found laying around. The bottle is actually a calm/glitter jar, made from one of the tutorials I found in the tags (I would’ve just filled it with fake blood but I thought that might bother some people in my class, so I chose glitter to represent how much I love inspiring others and what-not)-

-Now that I see it almost finished I thought some people might like to make their own for costume props or basic Halloween decor, so if you’d like to know where to find everything I used and what I did to make it, let me know (I even have a spring in the top button so you can push it down, but obviously it’s completely sealed so … )-

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fizz-fro replied to your post:Friend: “so what’s your book about?” Me: 

that seems like the question i ask in some way or another every time we talk

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"so what’s your book about?"


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Anonymous asked: Sometimes Archains get incredibly jealous if someone gets too close to their mate. To the point of planning to kill the person.
Anonymous asked: we gotta get zira in a muzzle


Just go near my mouth I dare you. You’ll lose your fingers.